Who We Are

Our Vision

  • Our vision is to provide resources for God’s servants, helping them to do their ministry and maintain healthiness in their lives.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to undergird God’s servants so they can serve Him at the Highest level of excellence.

Our Values

  • Excellence – delivering the highest standard of professional and clinical services
  • Respect – honoring the spiritual tradition of the person
  • Integrity – living out the highest standard of Christ’s example
  • Stewardship – using God’s resources responsibly
  • Confidentiality – respecting each person’s story

Assumptions of Our Values

  • Spiritual leaders need support, encouragement and guidance to be able to give God their best.
  • The Shepherd’s Staff Ministry empowers ministers so that their ministry will not be destructive to themselves and their families.
  • The minister and his or her ministry cannot be separated.
  • Minister care is a requirement.