Pastoral Intelligence

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We have all seen successful pastors who had great potential crash and burn. Perhaps this has even happened to you. Why do outstanding ministers fail and leave the ministry?

This is the hard question that Dr. Maurice Graham started struggling with more than ten years ago. He realized very quickly that in spite of a minister’s talents, gifts, and great ability to preach, he or she would still end up leaving the ministry.

In 2000, Dr. Graham received training in emotional intelligence by Daniel Goleman Group, thinking that this would be effective in ministry. However, he realized very quickly that the corporate model did not translate into the congregational setting. After more than six years, he has now developed his own Pastoral Intelligence™ research and his own instrument that measures effectiveness in ministry.

Skill Assessment for Ministry 360™ is an evaluation tool to help ministers know where they need to focus. The two main areas that Pastoral Intelligence measures are intraprasonal, where spirituality and self-awareness emerge from, and interpersonal, where ministry is lived out.Both of these areas have two sub-groups: self-development and self-motivation fall under intrapersonal, and congregational awareness and relational skills fall under interpersonal. These areas are broken down into a total of nineteen competencies.

One of the profound findings from Dr. Graham’s research is that typical seminaries do not train ministers to be highly effective in ministry. Most of their training is in theological ability, but lacks integration into ministry.

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