A Professional Opportunity Just For Ministers:

Excellence in Ministry from the Inside Out

Do you have challenges with church members?
Are you frustrated trying to influence those over whom you have little control?

Do you have conflicts and are unsure how to deal with them?
Do you know how you are coming across to those with whom you interact?

Consider participating in, Excellence in Ministry from the Inside Out, offered by Shepherd’s Staff Ministry, an organization committed to developing and nurturing those in ministry.

“If any minister is to survive, then he or she must learn how to deal with tremendous emotional fatigue, depression, and other emotional health issues. And if that is going to happen, then ministers must learn the principles of emotional competency and find ways to encourage themselves and one another. Otherwise, most of us will not survive for the long haul.”

“I believe I have learned some valuable skills to better assess and navigate through these things, and I now realize more than ever you cannot separate the minister from the ministry.” A senior pastor

Description: The focus of the learning program is

  • Equipping ministers to use their unique, God-given characteristics to achieve personal and church goals.
  • Assessing each minister’s characteristics, attitudes, strengths, and limitations. The assessment serves as the foundation for development of an individual plan for increased effectiveness.
  • Increasing the minister’s ability to master and manage himself or herself within a professional context.
  • Enhancing the minister’s ability to change in ways that will strengthen his or her ministry.

Format: The seminar is an in-depth course of advanced training spread over a nine-month period. Training sessions are conducted in an eight-hour day each month for the nine months in a small group of eight participants. The program includes an individual using the Skill Assessment for Ministry™.

The Skill Assessment for Ministry™: The SAM-360™ is a multi-responder feedback instrument. The SAM-360™ was developed by Dr. Maurice Graham to measure pastoral intelligence™ in ministers.

Competencies You Will Gain: This program is a theologically based application of a significant body of emotional intelligence research done by Dr. Maurice Graham. The research is proving that pastoral competence is as important in determining success in ministry as any other form of intellect. The four pastoral competencies that will be the basis for this learning program are the following:

  1. Self-Development including emotional and theological self-awareness, confidence of the call, and self-control.
  2. Self-Motivation including accurate self-assessment, trustworthiness, achievement orientation, adaptability, optimism, and initiative.
  3. Congregational awareness including empathy, organizational awareness, and a service orientation and commitment.
  4. Relational Skills including developing others, inspirational leadership, influence, change catalyst conflict management, teamwork, and collaboration.

This program encourages ministers to take constructive responsibility for their issues and to develop an individual program of spiritual growth to resolve these issues.

“While seminaries in general do a fine job in preparing ministers to write sermons, do pastoral care, learn history and Biblical languages, etc., seminaries do not adequately prepare students to handle the emotional stresses that come from working every day in ministry. Dr. Graham’s program serves to help ministers, regardless of denomination or theological belief, to manage our own emotions so that we do not burn out as so many do, but rather we may be able to stay in ministry over the course of our careers.” An associate minister