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Pastoral Intelligence™

What is it?
Pastoral Intelligence™ is a combination of theological/spiritual intelligence and emotional intelligence. Theological/spiritual intelligence is the ability to think theologically and integrate your theological thinking into your spirituality; emotional intelligence is the ability to manage your emotions as well as the emotions of your congregation.

Are You Wondering Why Church is so hard?
You may not have developed your pastoral intelligence. Typical theological schools do not work on the practical side of ministry as much as they do the theological side. Pastoral intelligence is training ministers to be effective by using not only their theological thinking and spirituality, but also their emotional intelligence.

How Do I know if I need Pastoral Intelligence™ Training? 
If you are having a harder and harder time managing your own emotions, your congregations’ emotions, or you are having trouble motivating your congregation, most likely you would be a prime candidate for pastoral intelligence training. If you are noticing yourself feeling emotionally fatigued or exhausted, you would be a candidate from pastoral intelligence training.

Dr. Maurice Graham developed an instrument called Skill Assessment for Ministry 360™ (SAM-360™) as a way to measure pastoral intelligence. You can take this SAM-360 online. The strength of the instrument comes from multiple people giving you feedback regarding how effective you are in your ministry. It will also give you some practical coaching tips on how to address these issues.

I’ve taken the SAM-360™…Now What?
SAM-360 is going to have at least fifteen people who know you well and are familiar with your ministry to give you feedback of what areas they see as your strengths and what areas need development. This is done through internet and email. Once these fifteen (or more) people have given you feedback by filling out an online questionnaire, the answers will be simulated together and tabulated to see where you are in your pastoral intelligence. Then you will receive at least fifty pages of not only feedback, but also practical coaching tips of how you need to develop these areas. It will also consist of a coaching plan for you to look over and think through which steps you will need to take to raise your pastoral intelligence.

Will I Need Some Help After I Get the SAM-360™ Back?
Yes, most people do. Most people do not change permanently simply from taking an indicator or test. You can request to have a coach to help you through this process. A coach can help you interpret your SAM-360 results, as well as help you come up with strategies to apply the pastoral intelligence concept to your ministry.

Is There an Additional Cost for Coaching? 
Yes, you will pay for the coaching time. These are highly professionally trained coaches who are also ministers who have had longevity of success in ministry. Dr. Graham’s research shows that most ministers need to be coached between nine months and one year for effective change to take place. Normally, this is between fifteen and seventeen times during the twelve month period. Coaching can be done via telephone, in which you would call your coach at a pre-arranged time, and he or she would have you SAM-360 profile to be able to coach you from day one.

How Do You Know That This Will Work?
Dr. Graham has spent more than six years researching. He has taken some of the highest performing ministers and helped them increase their ability and be more effective in ministry. He has also coached some of the lowest performers, ministers who were planning to exit the ministry, and he was able to guide them back into ministry and help them reclaim their call. Dr. Graham has put together a technique called the Call and Identity Coaching System, which uses the pastoral intelligence model that he developed.

How Do I Get Started?
Go to the Contact page on the Pastoral Intelligence website. It will ask you some simple questions such as your name and email address. One of the highly trained staff will contact you via email to help you setup your SAM-360. Once you have completed your SAM-360 and have your fifteen or more people to give you their input, you can request additional help through a professional coach.

Dr. Graham shows that only about ten percent of ministers can effectively change their behavior without a mentor or coach. He has also found that more than ninety percent of ministers can change their ministry effectiveness by having a coach.

If you would like to find out more about SAM-360, please click here.