Call and Identity Coaching™ for Ministers

Call and Identity Coaching™ is the practical application of putting Pastoral Intelligence™ into your ministry to achieve your desired goals. Call and Identity Coaching empowers ministers to gain clarity in their calling (purpose), increase spiritual growth and self-awareness, as well as leadership skills. Call and Identity Coaching will help you develop a life and ministry plan that will enhance your effectiveness and satisfaction in ministry.

Call and Identity Coaching is based on Pastoral Intelligence research. You will take an assessment tool called Skill Assessment for Ministry-360™. You will be coached from a position of where you are in your ministry, with emphasis on the areas in which you need growth. The power of the SAM-360™ is that it is not a self-assessment, but it is a tool that gives you feedback from key leaders in your congregation. SAM-360 is based on emotional intelligence and theological foundation. The results of Call and Identity Coaching will live out in your ministry and improve your ministry results.

Who needs coaching?

Achievement of leadership effectiveness to the maximization of ministry is not a simple process. It requires assessment, coaching, and accountability, which will equal results. Top achievers in all fields have coaches. An excellent coach will make a difference between burning out in ministry and being effective in ministry. Every minister can benefit from a qualified, committed coach who will invest their expertise and experience in helping ministers achieve their calling in their lives.

Call and Identity Coaching (Colossians 1:28-29, Proverbs 27:17) is highly effective because the training is customized to a leader’s individual goals and needs. A coach from Shepherd’s Staff Ministry, Inc., will assist you in your pilgrimage to be all that God has called you to be. Normally this process takes about twelve months to have permanent, effective change in ministry.

Maurice Graham, D.Min., LMFT is a proven successful leader with ministers and has specialized in coaching and training ministers for more than twenty years. He brings not only experience of international as well as local church context to coaching, but also clinical skills as a family therapist. He knows what you’re up against in ministry. He can help you bring your calling and vision into focus and bring it back to reality. You will never make a better investment in your personal life and ministry.

The Call and Identity Coaching System™

The Call and Identity Coaching System is built upon Pastoral Intelligence, which Dr. Graham has developed over the past decade. He has blended theological training as well as emotional intelligence into a coachable system to make ministers effective in their ministry and call. As all ministers are aware, congregation systems are complex and require the highest level of competency to be able to navigate the emotional system as well as living out his or her call. The Call and Identity Coaching System was created to provide personalized coaching for ministers working in churches and related organizations. Shepherd’s Staff Ministry, Inc., is devoted to serving Christ’s servants at the highest level; to bringing them to their maximum ability to live out their call.

Program Overview

Clients Receive:

  • One year of One-on-One coaching
  • Skill Assessment for Ministry-360 (SAM-360)
  • Pastoral Intelligence system
  • Ministry Growth Tools
  • Ongoing telephone coaching with your coach
  • Group coaching via telephone
  • The Call and Identity Coaching™:

Equip the Leader

Our first focus is to increase your spiritual awareness and development, personal life and work balance, and leadership and emotional stability skills (John 15:7,8 and 2Peter 1:3-8). When ministers clarify their call and identity through a strategic coaching plan, they become more emotionally stable, experience less fatigue, and are able to draw upon their leadership skills within. Call and Identity Coaching is a proven coaching system that has been developed exclusively for ministers to make them maximally effective in their ministry.

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