A Leader In Trouble

by Dr. Maurice Graham, D. Min., LMFT

“Dictators ride to and fro upon tigers which they dare not dismount. And the tigers are getting hungry.”
– Winston Churchill

Common problems encountered by a leader in trouble:

  • Poor social and communication skills
  • Poor listeners, (flooded with emotions or no emotions)
  • Lack of social and political awareness, (using only one connecting style)
  • Unconventional and refuses to play by the rules, (not connected to self)
  • Trust issues – (skeptic of other motives and keeps a safe distance)
  • Independent loners – focused on own needs and reluctant to ask for help, (thinks that there is only one way to solve an issue)

Poor Leadership Processes

  • Poor team members and team leaders, (joining and learning)
  • Preoccupied with their own concerns, (low self-worth)
  • Poor developers of people, (low self-esteem)
  • Not inspirational – too pessimistic, (reactive, closed to ideas, loner tendencies, poor social skills)
  • Lack vision and ability to motivate, (fear of risk taking)
  • Circled the wagon – holding on and defending

Difficulties in making decisions

  • Slow in adapting to change, (fear of losing control)
  • See obstacles rather than opportunities, (fear of failure)
  • Stubborn and unyielding, (fear of learning)
  • Skeptical of others’ ideas, (fear of being competent)
  • Risk averse-slow to make decisions and focus on “worst case scenarios”, (fear of failure)
  • Arrogant – “know it all”
  • Has over developed one skill, not well rounded

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